Fix your own scandal first, YB Tony Pua ― 1MDB

Tony Pua

(Malay Mail Online) – 1MDB refers to a statement issued this morning by YB Tony Pua, requesting 1MDB to “deny” allegations made by the Wall Street Journal. True to form, YB Tony Pua has conveniently forgotten to mention the clear denials by 1MDB issued on September 9, 2015 and September 18, 2015 respectively.

It is clear from the detailed explanations provided by 1MDB that:

(a) despite the spurious and unproven allegations raised by the Wall Street Journal in its first article dated 9 September 2015, further to the US$1.4 billion (RM5.9 billion) deposit from 1MDB in 2012, IPIC was and remains, the guarantor of  two 1MDB bonds totalling US$3.5 billion; and

(b) despite the malicious and wrong second Wall Street Journal article on September 18, 2015, upon payment of the “nearly US$1 billion” deposit by 1MDB, the options over the energy assets have indeed been terminated.

YB Tony Pua, the facts above speak for themselves.  Do not take our word for it ― this information is publicly available.

We further wonder why YB Tony Pua is not at all bothered by the second arrogant admission, in as many weeks, by the Wall Street Journal, that it has reviewed documents that are part of the ongoing Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigation. This is a clear scandal and a breach of Malaysian law. Accordingly, YB Tony Pua should focus his energies on properly answering the ongoing police investigations and answering the rakyat on this scandal which has now disgraced the PAC process.