Khairuddin Abu Hassan arrested while sneaking out the backdoor


At 7.00pm tonight the police went knocking on Khairuddin’s front door and he tried to escape through the backdoor. But the police were waiting at the backdoor as well and quickly apprehended him.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

In a Facebook posting today, Khairuddin Abu Hassan complained that the Immigration Department had banned him and his lawyer, Matthias Chang, from leaving the country. Khairuddin said they had bought tickets for a London trip but now cannot leave the country. He was supposed to have left at 10.30am today.

“We were blacklisted by Immigration on the advice of the police,” said Khairuddin. “The police must not think that just because their reputation has gone down the drain that Malaysia was now a cowboy country. We have laws to follow. The police are the pits. The authorities in the country have not only abused their powers to blacklist us but without giving any reasons whatsoever.”

Khairuddin added that he was not given any prior notice by the Immigration Department. “Chang and I were asked to turn up at the Security and Passport Division of the Immigration Department Headquarters in Putrajaya at 8.00am to get some sort of explanation. However, when we turned up, all that an official could tell us was that we were blacklisted based on arahan from Bukit Aman. There are no specific reasons, only special reasons. We were not told these special reasons.”

Matthias Chang

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Matthias Chang

Khairuddin added that he had been asked to report to Bukit Aman next Monday for his statement to be recorded regarding his recent action in sending documents on the RM42 billion 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) matter to the Attorney-General of Switzerland.

“Before I turn up at Bukit Aman, I want to know whether I have committed any crime,” Khairuddin said. “I have the right to complain anywhere in the world especially when there are no remedies in Malaysia and the rule of law has been turned upside down. The 1MDB scandal concerns Switzerland because there are Swiss banks involved.”

“I have already lodged police reports in Lyon, France; Berne, Switzerland; London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The authorities overseas should carry out comprehensive and transparent investigations into all the police reports that I lodged against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor, their friend Jho Low, Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, IMDB Chairman Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, and all the Board members of 1MDB.”

Khairuddin, who was all gung-ho and full of bravado before this, appeared a bit flustered with the latest development. He thought that with a powerful person behind him he would be untouchable and the police would not dare do anything. He even declared that he is not scared and does not fear any retaliation.

Now, with the ban on him leaving the country and the directive to report to Bukit Aman on Monday, he suddenly realised that he may actually be a small fish in a big pond after all. How, in the first place, he thought he could leave the country when he is a bankrupt is quite amusing. Maybe he thought his powerful friends could get him an exemption, which apparently they could not after all.

That was when Khairuddin decided it might be better if he quickly sneaked out of the country rather than take the risk of reporting to Bukit Aman on Monday. Suspicions were triggered when a certain VVIP’s private jet was fully fuelled and went on standby at the Subang Airport. The fact that this VVIP was also Khairuddin’s master made the possibility of flight even more certain.

At 7.00pm tonight, the police went knocking on Khairuddin’s front door and he tried to escape through the backdoor. But the police were waiting at the backdoor as well and quickly apprehended him.

Khairuddin said he is telling the truth and does not fear anything because what he is saying is the truth. But his attempt to sneak out through the backdoor and escape to Subang where a private jet was waiting for him gives the impression of the reverse.

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Khairuddin Abu Hassan and his recent marriage to his second wife, with VVIP Dr Mahathir in attendance (below)