AG drops sedition charge against Ali Tinju


(FMT) – The head of the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association had urged Malays to unite and attack the DAP Chinese for allegedly being rude.

Attorney-General Mohd Apandi Ali (AG) has dropped sedition charges against the head of the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association, Mohd Ali Baharom or better known as Ali Tinju, for certain remarks he made during a brawl at the Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur following a Malay youth allegedly stealing a mobile phone from a Chinese-run outlet.

In the incident outside the Low Yat Plaza, Ali Tinju allegedly told a crowd that had gathered: “Okay, we want justice. This involves the dignity of Malays. It’s not about one Chinese boy attacking many Malays. This is Malay land. Unite and attack the DAP Chinese who are kurang ajar (rude).”

Deputy Public Prosecutor Suhaimi Ibrahim told Sessions Court Judge Azman Mustapha on Thursday that he had instructions from the Attorney-General’s Chambers to drop the charge.

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