PKR clueless and confused about the opposition pact!


Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, The Ant Daily

PKR is playing a very dangerous game, which may completely destroy the pact that will be facing Umno Baru in the 2018 general election. It is trying to please all sectors in the opposition camp. By doing this it may please none, and will be left to fight in the election alone.

PAS will never cooperate with PKR. This is evident when PKR admitted two of its prominent members into the party. It wants to work with PAS, and yet is willing to accept those who had left PAS. There is very little logic in this.

PKR stated through its deputy president Azmin Ali that PKR wants PAS to be in the new opposition coalition although DAP and Amanah are opposed to this.

Azmin said, “We discussed this for a long time and took into account the views and feedback we received from the de facto chief, who said PKR is always inclusive.” In other words Anwar wanted PAS to be in the new pact.

PKR is in a very peculiar situation. One of PAS’ influential leaders had indicated that it would not work with PKR if PKR teamed up with DAP and Amanah.

PAS is only interested in itself and not the acceptable concept of what the future should be. It simply hangs on to its desired goal of implementing the hudud law in the country. This is definitely against the spirit and core of the opposition alliance, secularism.

PKR must realise that PAS is in a confused and panic state. It had made overtures to Umno Baru but is yet to get any positive response from the party. Umno Baru at the moment is embroiled in all kinds of scandals. Its leader are barely standing on shaky grounds.

PKR simply refuses to face the reality of PAS being a risk to any future opposition pack.

PAS is Hadi and Hadi is PAS. That is a fact.

At the moment, the Pakatan state government in Selangor is helmed by PKR with the Pakatan representatives numbering 43, out of an assembly of 56 members. There is one independent and Umno Baru commands 12 seats.

The new composition of the Selangor state assembly is as follows; DAP 15, PAS 13, PKR 13, PPM (Amanah) two and independent one. If PAS were to leave the state government, then the new opposition pact will have 30 state assemblymen, against the combined forces of 13 PAS representatives and 12 Umno Baru representatives to stand for a combined 25 with one independent.

The new opposition pact will still be able to govern Selangor. Possibly PKR is not very sure of the loyalty of its current state assemblymen, whether any of them will leave the party. That is possibly one reason why PKR is adamant in wanting PAS to participate in the new opposition pact.

Also, Azmin owed some gratitude to Hadi when he asked PAS assemblymen to support him in the state assembly last year, in the Kajang Move fiasco.

The Perak experience had been a good example.

The fear of losing power and the obligation to honour the support that Hadi had given to PKR in asking all PAS state assemblymen to support Azmin, are causing PKR feel obligated to include PAS as one of the partners in the new coalition.

Umno Baru and PAS will not make any headway if state election is held today. Both parties are facing a lot of uncertainties.

Umno Baru persists in its existence because of money. Without that it will not be able to wield support. Money has always been the lifeline of Umno Baru.

The new coalition must leave PAS to be on its own, to decide what it wants to do.

It is unfortunate but PKR will have to face reality and act in accordance with the wishes of the majority, DAP and Amanah.

DAP and Amanah can become a very powerful force, and it is a pity that PKR is unable to decide which way it wants to go.

This is the time for all parties with the same aim to come together, to work out a formidable strategy to defeat Umno Baru in the next election.