Ex-SB man not amused as Rizal gets personal


Rosmah’s aide makes a reference to Hamid Bador’s ex-wife

(Free Malaysia Today) – The altercation between Abdul Hamid Bador and Rizal Mansor continued today with the former Special Branch deputy director accusing the aide to Rosmah Mansor of unprofessional conduct for raising a personal matter that he said had nothing to do with their quarrel.

Rizal told FMT through WhatsApp that the best person to talk about the ex-SB man would be “Datin Che Mah” without saying whom he was referring to.

“Please ask Datin Che Mah on the conduct of Dato Hamid Bador,” he said. “I understand that she has a lot to tell about the true conduct of Dato Hamid.”

Hamid, contacted by FMT for his response, disclosed that Rizal was referring to his ex-wife and said it was unprofessional of him to inject a personal issue into a matter involving the public.

He called for a debate aimed at “finding the truth,” repeating a challenge he made yesterday.

“Please don’t divert the issue,” he said. “Why do you have to stoop so low that you have to bring up personal issues in responding to my statement?

“I did not talk about his family. I talked about the wife of the prime minister, who gave trouble to government officers. I talked about matters that could give implications to the public.”

Hamid said “someone” sought his advice two years ago on how to improve Rosmah’s image.
“I told that person to advice his boss, the wife, to keep a low-profile. Don’t make the people feel annoyed with her. Do you still remember my advice?

“I gave that advice sincerely, to protect her image and to save her from being criticised by the public.

“So why are we talking about personal matters now? If that’s what you want, I know about one of your family members in RTM.”