Why I condemn Dr. Mahathir

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The leadership vacuum in the country does not mean we have to support Mahathir

Tajuddin Rosli, Free Malaysia Today

I have received many emails questioning why I condemn Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in almost every article. My friends think I am blindly supporting Datuk Seri Najib Razak in my articles against Dr Mahathir.

For the record, speaking against Mahathir does not equate to me supporting Najib. I have repeatedly said that if Najib is proven to be guilty of corruption then he has no choice but to resign.

But I am not going to buy something, just because the Wall Street Journal publishes it. This is the same Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that once insinuated that  Anwar Ibrahim supported same-gender marriage. It is the same WSJ that quoted Anwar as defending the safety and rights of Israel.

Do you seriously think that Mahathir is speaking out because he cares about Malaysia and Malaysians? That man is only speaking out because he wants to protect himself and his family. He is worried that if BN loses under Najib’s leadership and Pakatan comes into power, it would be his time to rot in jail.

I second Nurul Izzah Anwar’s suggestion that if there is legitimate evidence to show Najib squandered money from 1MDB and as alleged by WSJ,  that the funds were used to finance the 13th General Election, then the courts should rule the elections null and void. A new election should then be called for.

This in my opinion is in the best interest of the nation. But will Mahathir support this? Obviously not because if a re-election takes place now, there is a huge possibility Pakatan will be victorious and form the government and Mahathir will spend the remaining years of his life in prison.

Mahathir has now brought up the movie The Wolf of Wall Street that was produced by Najib’s stepson and labeled it ‘filem lucah’. Riza Aziz has now become Mahathir’s target because his movie contained steamy scenes. Doesn’t Mahathir realise that the movie made hundreds of millions at the box office. It even bagged numerous awards across America and Europe? It is just a movie.

Why doesn’t Mahathir say anything about Mirzan Mahathir owning shares in San Miguel Beer Company? Isn’t alcohol halal in Mahathir’s Islamic world?

Mahathir says his sons are not billionaires.

However, Forbes 2015 ranking shows that Mokhzani Mahathir was at position 26 among Malaysia’s 50 Richest. He was ranked 15 in 2014. How did his ranking fall? According to Forbes, it came about because he lost $500 million when the price of oil crashed. Mokhzani was also ranked 1372 in Forbes 2014 Billionaires list.

Since you have now become an ardent fan of western journalism, this has to be true then, right Mahathir? As part of the ongoing investigations, Mokhzani should also declare his assets and let the truth be told.