Deadlock in PKR-DAP talks on Selangor as Azmin won’t declare Pakatan dead


(MMO) – Azmin Ali’s refusal to declare Pakatan Rakyat (PR) dead and set tems for PAS to remain in his administrations were why state PKR and DAP leaders could not reach a consensus on Selangor’s future during their recent meeting.

Malay Mail Online understands that Selangor DAP wants the mentri besar to concur with their party’s declaration of PR’s end and to pressure the national PAS leadership to sign a formal agreement compelling its state chapter to support the state government and, by extension, the PR common policy framework.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Azmin did not agree to this, and that he did not want to disrupt his working relationship with the Islamist party as the first-term MB still needs PAS’s support in order to continue running the state government.

“DAP wants Azmin to officially recognise that PR is dead… and to impose conditions to any party interested in being part of the new coalition,” a PR source told Malay Mail Online.

A PKR leader who was present at the meeting also confirmed this, saying that DAP’s demands put Azmin and the Selangor government in a very difficult position.

The person also questioned the necessity of DAP’s demand for PAS to formally state that it supports the PR Common Policy Framework, which the Islamist party is accused of violating with its push for hudud in Kelantan.

“Why are they so insistent with this? Can’t they just work with Selangor PAS like how it was until the next general election, and then let the voters decide who they want to run Selangor,” the PKR leader spoke to Malay Mail Online on condition of anonymity.

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