SR: Nowhere to Run Chapter 2- Conjuring Conjectures


Huan’s Thoughts

The rationale behind this series is not in defence of 1MDB.

Rather, it is to bring to light the fact that schemers behind the smokescreen have been conjuring conjectures that have vilified our country, our government and the prestige of all who are Malaysians.

Concerned individuals need to realize that any opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information is abominably absurd.

To that end, one must realize this whole issue of 1MDB has become a moral trajectory.

Firstly, endorsing stolen emails or documents by hosting these in a website does not mean the host is innocent of any crime or that the host of that website is on a moral crusade for Malaysia.

How can it be as that host of SR is a British citizen? It defies logic why a British citizen would fight tooth and nail for issues that pertain to Malaysia and a Swiss citizen. Oh – I forgot that Swiss national is ‘their former colleague’ as described in ‘their’ post.

It almost seems as though there is an emerging trend where certain mercenaries are ready to go to extreme lengths to tarnish the image of another country, as long as the price is RIGHT or if the directive is from their boss/bosses.

Secondly, it highlights the questionable morals and ethics of all parties that support SR and its ilk despite the following:

a. SR has openly admitted to be in possession of stolen emails/documents.

Feigning innocence about the tampering of the documents does not absolve them of the cybercrime of being in possession of stolen goods, electronic documentation in the form of three million emails, which they have yet to publish. What is the legal implication of such an act?

According to this site: