Pee juice anyone?


My complaints are always met with the same answer from the school principal. I-T-S A M-I-S-U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G.

Fa Abdul, FMT

Apparently the story of a primary school teacher in Kedah telling his non-Muslim pupils to drink their own urine is untrue.

While the complaint letter which made its way into the social media, clearly states that the teacher instructed non-Muslim pupils to drink pipe water or their own urine in the school toilet during the month of Ramadan, the Kedah Education, Transport and Housing Executive Committee Chairman Tajul Urus Mat Zain claims students misunderstood the instruction.

Apparently, the teacher only asked non-Muslim pupils to respect the Muslim pupils who were fasting by not drinking in front of them and instead going to the toilet to drink.

First of all, will the committee chairman drink water in a school toilet? Will the principal or any teacher drink in a school toilet? Will any of them allow a Muslim student to drink water in the toilet? Mind you, one of the adab makan-minum taught in agama classes is not to eat or drink in a toilet.

How can you seek respect from students by being so disrespectful towards them?

The committee chairman also warned parents to not make blind allegations but instead seek explanations from the school before rushing to take action.

Sorry Mr Chairman, but I do not believe these are blind allegations.

Based on my own experience as a parent who is actively involved in my children’s schools, I know that this is just another case of jaga-ing some stupid teacher’s backside.

A few years ago when my daughter was in her primary years, a few parents filed complaints against a teacher who was fond of pinching little girls’ nipples and thighs. The principal defended the teacher, claiming it was a misunderstanding. The teacher was merely trying to discipline students. The next day, the girls were called to the principal’s office and ‘advised’ not to make false accusations. As for the teacher, he never paid any attention to the girls for the rest of the year.

A couple of years ago, a friend complained to her daughter’s principal about a teacher who caned a Year One girl on her tiny palm for leaving her exercise book at home. The girl was among the top in class and had never before failed to complete her school work. Once again, the principal claimed it was a big misunderstanding. Despite the blood mark on the girl’s palm, the principal explained that the teacher had only hit her lightly, to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Over the years, I have made frequent trips to the principal’s office when something is amiss. I have made a gazillion complaints against teachers – teachers who religiously utter the word ‘bastards’ in classrooms; teachers I bump into at malls when they are supposed to be at school; teachers who force students to take private tuition classes with them; teachers who provide students with leaked school exam papers; teachers who call students ‘pondan’, ‘dumb’, ‘lembap’ and ‘bodoh’; teachers who tell their Muslim students not to mix with the non-Muslims; teachers who sell food and other products in classes; teachers who request for specific gifts during Teacher’s Day; etc.

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