What the fook, Scott Ng!


Scott, stop being a fooking mother-fooker by writing nonsense. Use you fooking head to think. Your article sounds like something the Umno chaps in Utusan Malaysia would write.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I had always regarded Scott Ng as one of the more progressive writers of Free Malaysia Today. However, today’s article, Live with it, Hadi; Pakatan is dead, changed my perception of Scott.

It looks like he is just another Chinese-minded writer after all. And that is sad. Anyway, I did pick up his article and publish it in Malaysia Today, which you can read HERE.

It is all too easy to rage at the Islamist leader whose ambition and grudge created the tension that split Pakatan apart, whose constant flirtation with Umno instilled suspicion in his partners, whose grab for power nearly lost Selangor, whose party decided to cut all ties with DAP. In fact, PAS effectively dissolved Pakatan Rakyat the moment it passed a resolution to end all ties with DAP.

That was what Scott said, and more.

Constant flirtation with Umno? How many times must I keep writing that it was Anwar Ibrahim who arranged the unity-government meeting in London in December 2013? And that it was Anwar who requested Hadi to attend the meeting? And that it was Hadi who refused to attend the meeting — thus killing the effort by PKR and Umno to form a unity-government (because it could not succeed unless PAS, too, joins).

Is Scott just fooking stupid or is this an intentional effort to smear the name of Hadi? And what the fook is Free Malaysia Today trying to do by publishing lies like these?

And regarding the ‘grab for power’ in Selangor, what grab for power is Scott talking about? Was Hadi trying to grab power in Selangor? Hadi actually saved Selangor from collapsing. Because of PKR’s and DAP’s stubborn stand and their decision to fight HRH the Sultan, Selangor was on the verge of seeing the State Assembly dissolved to make way for new state elections.

Hadi fooking saved Selangor from collapsing by proposing Azmin Ali’s AND Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s names as the new Menteri Besar — thus allowing the Sultan an option. DAP and PKR did not want to allow the Sultan an option other than the option of appointing Dr Wan Azizah as the MB or else dissolve the state assembly.

If Hadi wanted to grab power in Selangor all he needed to do was to propose Iskandar Samad’s name as Menteri Besar and today Iskandar and not Azmin would be the MB. Is this the action of someone who wanted to grab power in Selangor?

This story of ‘Hadi killed Pakatan Rakyat’, ‘Hadi flirting with Umno’, etc., is being spun by these Chinese fookers to no end. What the hell are they trying to do?

Pakatan Rakyat was created based on the mutual agreement of all three parties: PAS, PKR and DAP. So one party cannot unilaterally make a decision to wind up Pakatan Rakyat. It needs all three parties to mutually agree to wind up Pakatan Rakyat since all three parties mutually agreed to create the coalition. Which about this does Scott and the other Chinese fookers do not understand?

Can MIC announce that Barisan Nasional is now dead? Does MIC solely own Barisan Nasional? If MIC no longer wants to be in Barisan Nasional then all it can do is to leave Barisan Nasional. MIC cannot declare that Barisan Nasional no longer exists.

If DAP no longer wants to remain in Pakatan Rakyat then it is free to announce that it wants to leave the coalition. That it has every right to do unilaterally. But DAP cannot unilaterally decide to dissolve Pakatan Rakyat because DAP does not solely own Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat is jointly owned by three parties and was created by three parties and will need to be dissolved on the agreement of three parties.

I am amazed that Scott and all the other fooking Chinese do not understand a simple thing like this. If this is how Chinese educated people think I would suggest the government close down Chinese schools. Chinese schools are making the fooking Chinese stupid.

Scott, stop being a fooking mother-fooker by writing nonsense. Use you fooking head to think. Your article sounds like something the Umno chaps in Utusan Malaysia would write.

And you keep talking about PAS passing a resolution to end its relationship with DAP. But was it not DAP that first passed a resolution to end its relationship with Hadi? Can I make a declaration that I end my relationship with Anwar because he has been convicted, twice, for sodomy, but I still maintain my relationship with PKR?

If I cut ties with the PKR leaders you will say that means I have also cut ties with PKR. But DAP can cut ties with Hadi and when PAS cuts ties with DAP you scream, rant, rave and foam at the mouth. Fooking idiots! DAP was the first to cut ties with Hadi. That is not wrong. But when PAS cuts ties with DAP that is wrong.

Typical fooking Chinese mentality.