The Selangor conundrum


Penang’s Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy says Azmin Ali faces a difficult predicament as he tries to avoid confrontation with PAS and DAP.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PKR needs to find a footing in its relations with both DAP and PAS to be able to function in Selangor, according to Penang’s Second Deputy Chief Minister, P Ramasamy.

Calling the current surprisingly quiet state of affairs in Selangor as the “calm before the storm”, the Prai state assemblyman pointed out in a recent comment piece that the fate of the Selangor government was uncertain following DAP’s and PAS’ parting of ways and Pakatan Rakyat’s dissolution.

“Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition is in tatters after the historic break-up between PAS and DAP,” he said. “Relations between DAP and PAS are irreconcilable. The real question is: what is the position of PKR?”

He said that the main problem with PKR was its indecisive, “wishy-washy” stand towards PAS.

He also pointed out that there had been various different opinions coming from PKR on whether PR still existed and whether a working relationship could exist in Selangor without DAP and PAS cooperating.

“Politically, it is nice to hear these reassuring words, but on the practical level there are numerous intractable problems,” commented Ramasamy, who said that the “political arithmetic” in Selangor clearly showed that PKR would not be able to administer the Selangor state government without the support of DAP, or PAS, or both.

“For opportunistic reasons, PAS keeps on insisting that PR is still operative in Selangor,” he complained.

“It did the same with Penang. However, the resignations and sacking of a few PAS leaders ended this infantile political adventurism.”

He said the Selangor Menteri Besar, PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali, was currently facing his most difficult challenge yet and was trying avoid open confrontation with PAS and DAP.