PasMa’s political party to form new Opposition coalition with DAP and PKR

Phahrolrazi Zawawi

(The Star) – The new political party to be formed by Persatuan Ummah Sejahtera Malaysia (PasMa) will join an all-new Opposition pact with DAP and PKR.

The party will replace PAS as the Islamic-based party in the opposition coalition, said PasMa president Datuk Phahrolrazi Zawawi (pic).

“A pro tem committee to oversee the setting up of the new party will be appointed after Hari Raya.

“Preliminary discussions have already been held with pro-Pakatan NGOs and individuals, including those from the PAS progressives group who have been sidelined by the new leadership,” he told The Star Online when contacted on Tuesday.

He said the new party had agreed to work with DAP as they shared similar aspirations for the future of the Opposition coalition.

“There needs to be a new coalition to replace the old one which no longer exists. DAP’s Lim Kit Siang made a similar call, so that is what PasMa is working towards.

“PasMa feels that going forward, we need a registered coalition which has more structure so that it can be the people’s choice in the next general election,” he said, adding that the coalition will be a continuation of Pakatan before it was hit by the present crisis.

He also said the new Islamist political party would have a different name from PasMa, as the latter would continue to back the leadership as an NGO.

Based on the discussions held, Phahrolrazi expressed confidence that MPs and leaders from the progressives faction in PAS would cross over to the new party.

He said this could happen well before the 100-day ultimatum given to the new PAS leadership to return to its old ways of being more inclusive.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who is associated with the progressives group in PAS, had issued the ultimatum on Monday and urged the newly elected party leaders to regain the people’s trust or face a new Islamist party.

“The current situation is leaning positively towards the setting up of a new leadership. This could happen very soon as there are growing calls from supporters to expedite the process,” Phahrolrazi added.

PasMa, which mainly comprises PAS supporters unhappy with the party’s leadership, had announced on June 13 that a new political party would be formed.

Phahrolrazi had said then that the party would be a “continuation” of PAS’ struggle and practice more openness, allowing other races to join as members.