“Daulat Tuanku”

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

I say this with the the greatest respect for the institution of constitutional monarchy. Because it is part and parcel of the Constitution of my country. It is part of a whole. One cannot accept one part and not respect the other.

Unlike the Judiciary, which is not spelled as a distinctively separate branch of government like the separation of powers in the United States of America’s constitution, the constitutional monarchy of our country is recognised as a distinct but integral part of our constitution.

To disrespect it is to disrespect our constitution under which we exist as a nation. Needless to say, it has certain heavy and non-frivolous functions. One of which is to act as a non-partisan all-encompassing umbrella under which each Malaysian finds refuge, comfort, pride and identity as a citizen of this country.

Having said that, I dare to venture and ask if a monarch can declare partisanship. Suspicion of partisanship is one thing, but to commit actively to a partisan opinion is another. That is why we have never heard HRH the Queen of England reprimand a prime minister no matter how uncomfortable she imay be with his demeanor.

So if a royal heir-apparent might be confused with his constitutional role, one must not hesitate to remind him in the most polite and discreet way befitting a royal, what may be misinterpreted as partisanship. It doesn’t mean he cannot dispense with advice that strengthened his contribution to constitutional monarchy. He speaks the language of royals and if he has to make conclusions it must be tempered with great wisdom of restraint.

What has happened has happened. Water will find its own level with some help from those in serene positions who may feel compelled to help. To prolong it is counter-productive to this nation. And to hold rallies in support of anybody in this matter can only make matters worse, with no upside.

We survive in an environment of order laid down by our constitution. Some people cannot be removed and some can. All must follow constitutional procedures. Ruffians come in many forms. Most think might is right, some disguise themselves as democrats with purported concern for the people’s welfare, suddenly. Ignore them. We will endeavor in the ways laid down by our forefathers.

“Daulat Tuanku” and my appeal to my school-friend Nazri Aziz to make the most painful sacrifice in order that this nation may proceed with its blessed course. Not because he was at total fault by any means, but because constitutional monarchies as framed up by the our constitutional fathers cannot be seen to be subservient to anybody that is within that constitution. Spare us, please.