After ulama rout in PAS, Mat Sabu says IS thinking creeping into Malaysia


(Malay Mail Online) – After a complete wipeout of the progressives by the clergy class in PAS’s elections two weeks ago, its deposed deputy president Mohamad Sabu, or popularly known as Mat Sabu, declared that Malaysia is now facing an ideological threat similar to that propounded by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).

Speaking at a ceramah event here last night, Mat Sabu said the signs of rising Islamism have become more apparent today and this dangerous trend was reflected in the campaigns throughout the PAS election where any views that differed from those of the clergy class (ulama) were immediately labelled as un-Islamic.

“If we do not stop this then we shall see the arrival of the IS (ideology) into our country. We can already see this dangerous line of thinking in how they are labeling people,” Mat Sabu told the ceramah.

“Those with differing views are deemed as liberals, munafik (pretenders), jebon (derogatory term to describe traitors) and if we fail to contain this (line of thinking) then we will become like the middle east – which has been devastated by sectarian wars.”

Mat Sabu predicted should Malaysia become engulfed in sectarian violence, it would take decades for the country to recover much similar to the war-torn Arab nations.

Without naming anyone or even using the term “ulama”, which was the obvious subject of his vitriols, Mat Sabu said the Muslim world is now plagued by a “piety crisis” where those who profess divine sanction display their Islam-ness only in the rituals, but not morally.

“Now we have those who rather support Muslims despite them being evil and corrupt just because they are Muslims and promised the heavens.

“And these very same people would rather not co-operate with the non-Muslims even though they do so much good, just because they are not Muslims and are not promised the heavens.”

The assertion was apparently aimed at PAS president and leader of the clergy class Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who appears to have signalled his keenness on co-operating with archrivals Umno instead of its own allies the DAP.

Hadi had in the past repeatedly stated his willingness to work with Umno for the sake of Malay-Muslim unity.

Continuing his attacks on Hadi, Mat Sabu said PAS’s closeness with Umno was a betrayal of those who voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the 2013 General Election, and said the move was akin to providing Umno a lifeline.

“Whatever we do we must never give Umno-Barisan Nasional, which has ruled with tyranny, lifeline..but this group is giving them lifeline”.

Conservatives close to Umno routed the progressives in the PAS polls leaving only one post to the latter group. Analysts said the election results effectively removed any obstacle for Hadi to pursue co-operation with Umno.

Mat Sabu said there is a need for a paradigm shift after the PAS polls, and said Muslims now must now undo the damage done by the present PAS leadership by following the true teachings of Islam.

Mat Sabu stressed that that would be his focus now.

“In the Muslim world now we have a problem where they only profess Islam in their rituals. They are only Muslims in ritual, but not morally. But my campaign will be to ensure that we not only promote ritual Islam, but its morality as well”.

Mat Sabu was among the progressives defeated in the recent PAS election .

He was accused of conspiring to topple Hadi, a claim he said was trumped up as part of a ploy to wipe the progressives out.