Fernandes hits out at Malaysian politicians in a series of well-received tweets

Tony Fernandez

(The Star) – Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (pic) has hit out at politicians for not putting the interests of the people first.

In a series of tweets, the AirAsia Group chief executive officer pondered if the country would ever have a political party which would put the people as priority.

“Government and opposition spend so much time on race and religion. Will there ever be a truly Malaysian party that puts people first?” he said in a tweet that was retweeted more than 500 times as of yesterday.

He described the present state of affairs as “strange times” for Malaysia, and voiced his disappointment at the lack of accountability.

“Good education, good hospitals, fair distribution of wealth, an economy that creates jobs, honest clean Government. Transparent leadership,” he said in another tweet, referring to his aspirations for Malaysia.

Fernandes also drew upon AirAsia’s success story, saying it could be used as example.

“Where all Malaysians respect each other’s culture, religion but work together to benefit all. If you need an example look at AirAsia,” he posted.

The AirAsia boss’ tweets were well-received by Malaysians, with many commending him for speaking up.

“Well said Tony. Insecure, they play the race and religion cards. The nation suffers!” said Twitter user @movebabymove.

“Your words, your action, your vision, your achievement. I love you, Tony. Much respect. Idol of many,” said @farithpauzi.

Another Twitter user, @alan9188, was optimistic, saying: “That day will come when race-based and religion-based parties are exorcised from our political landscape.”

@kojet123 even went as far as suggesting that Fernandes be the next Youth Minister, while @Silva Geoff said what was more important was whether Malaysians identified with religion or nationality first.