Ex-MB Khalid gets cheers and applause at PAS assembly


Warm greeting for the man ousted by PKR and DAP but supported by PAS leader Hadi

(Free Malaysia Today) – The man at the centre of a Pakatan Rakyat storm last year, former Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim, received cheers and applause when he attended the PAS general assembly in Kuala Selangor this morning.

Khalid, a former PKR vice-president and an independent Selangor assemblyman for Port Klang, was attending the PAS assembly as a special observer.

PAS delegates cheered loudly, with some calling out Takbir (God is great) when his arrival was announced and shown on the video screen.

Khalid was seated next to Selangor assemblyman Sallehin Mukhyi, who was executive councillor for Islamic Affairs in Khalid’s state cabinet last year.

Sallehin and three other assemblymen stayed by Khalid’s side as executive councillors to keep his government going, after PKR sacked him from the party and assemblymen and executive councillors of PKR and DAP announced they would not support his government.

PKR had begun a campaign to oust him in January last year, with the backing of the DAP, by first forcing a by-election in Kajang, by which PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim was to be elected to the assembly and then take over the reins. When this plan was thwarted by a federal court decision confirming a jail sentence for Anwar on sodomy charges, the party named his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ibrahim to stand in Kajang and take over the state government.