Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. A friend visited me in my office recently. I had helped him a lot when I was PM not with money or jobs, but by smoothening bureaucratic processes in the way of his projects. As a result he became a very successful educationist and was able to expand overseas. I regarded my help as essential as the bureaucrats can be unnecessarily dilatory or even obstructive. I do this for everyone and they are all very grateful. My friend was especially grateful.

2. Off and on he would drop in my office to discuss current issues. He worried about Najib’s Government policies and performance. He urged me to do something.

3. But when he dropped in this time he seemed somewhat changed.

4. He kept on urging me not to “attack” the PM. I explained why I am doing so. But he persisted in urging me to desist from my efforts at questioning the leadership regarding the current financial scandal.

5. He warned that if I continue I would lose my legacy. I told him what people think of my legacy, if there is any, is not important. I am concerned at what is happening in the country. Our good reputation is being eroded.

6. He repeated several times that I would lose my legacy. I really appreciated his concern. He is a friend and I felt he cared for me.

7. We parted as friends.

8. But now I understand better why he talked about my losing my legacy. He has been given the task of demonising me, of destroying what he calls my legacy. I think he and his boss believes that if I become unpopular then my condemnation of the shenanigans involving 1MDB would be ignored by people.