Are Malaysians a Forgetful Bunch?


Tajuddin Rosli

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is directing tirades of attack towards Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. While Mahathir cites concern over the welfare of the nation and UMNO as his reason, deep down our guts, we all know how big a lie that is. At one end Mahathir is afraid of going behind bars if the Pakatan coalition comes into power. On the other end of the spectrum he is afraid if Najib remains and holds the government following next general election, his son will never dawn as the premier of this country ever.

It nauseates me to see how so many people in the country are currently backing Mahathir on his attacks towards Najib. Have we forgotten how damaging Mahathir was during his days? What do you say about a man who conveniently lied and hid his own ancestry? The late Iskandar Kutty must have been disgruntled with his son for not even validating his existence.

A few years ago, Mahathir once again reminded everyone how big a racial bigot he is by stating that the country risked being governed by an Indian or Chinese prime minister if the Pakatan coalition comes into power. Mahathir always portrayed the image of an ultra-Malay to safeguard his legacy and repeatedly played the racial card when things were wobbly. Time and time again he ridiculed and stepped on the Chinese and Indians throughout his tenure.

Have you forgotten, Malaysia?

It is disgusting to know that the Indian Advisory Council Malaysia (IACM) invited Mahathir to launch their council and have appointed him as their patron. Have you forgot about the man who never recognized the Indian side of him? Mahathir patron of IACM? What happened to you being an ultra-Malay Tun M? Mahathir was the brainchild behind Perkasa and served as their advisor in the past. Although you may want to remind me that Mahathir and Perkasa have parted ways, let me tell you that it’s just eyewash for the public. Do you know who was the first person who greeted Mahathir when he came back from Umrah recently? Yes, it was Ibrahim Ali. Ibrahim Ali gave Mahathir a big bear hug or shall I say ‘frog hug’ in the airport when Mahathir landed.

Mahathir, if you are indeed Malay as you claim to be, is it okay to be patron on an Indian council? If that is okay Mahathir, can you please openly also say you don’t mind an Indian being patron of a Malay council then? You will never say that, will you Mahathir?

If whatever Mahathir says is true then I guess Mahathir recently speaking ill about Pakatan and how he would not condone them to come into power is also true? Are you Pakatan supporters also willing to validate Mahathir’s negative comments about Pakatan?

What is wrong with Malaysia?

You say the government is corrupt and has no integrity. How different are you to the current government? You are also selling your souls to support Mahathir. When you have no integrity how can you not support your own kind, which is the government? Birds of the same feathers flock together right?

I am a Malay and I do not support Mahathir. Mahathir has made us believe we are the weaker race when we are definitely not. Mahathir has implanted into the world that we can only progress with government aids. Without government aids we will vanish. Mahathir has made us believe we can only compete in education with the non-Malays if our passing marks are reduced. Mahathir has stamped on our foreheads that we are an ethnic group that needs help in everything. To add salt on our wounds, Mahathir keeps on saying “Melayu mudah lupa”. What do we do when he says that? We applaud him louder.

No, Mahathir. I have not forgotten and never will forget how you have single-handedly destroyed the reputation of my people.