Minister’s monument to his stupidity

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

A proposal to turn the mass graves of a neglected people seeking refuge and the abandoned illegal human trafficking camps in the jungles of Perlis into tourist attractions and a museum can only come from a sub-intelligent human mind with an unaware disposition.

To think that it came from a cabinet minister’s mouth is a tragic testimony of today’s Malaysia. No wonder Prime Minister Najib Razak is in the shithouse he is today. Small minds allowed to occupy high places. There should have been expressions of ministerial outrage at how it can happen in our backyard.

Instead, he wanted to publicise to the world the ineffectiveness of our border security and the corruption, financial and moral, of our people in allowing such despicable things to happen here. It’s like holding a kenduri to announce to fellow villagers that his daughter was impregnated before wedlock.

Sure, Vietnam has the Vietcong tunnels to remind the world of the resoluteness of its people against foreign aggression. Something to be proud of. Similarly, the Jews have the concentration camps to remind the world of the kind of atrocities they had survived and then flourish.

These human trafficking camps, and there are more than twenty, complete with amenities which showed that they were they were there for months and not overnight, can only be monuments to our haphazard attitude to work and responsibilities. Did that not even occur to dim minds?

Surely not wanting of equipment and numbers, our security forces should have been able to detect them as they happen. Border intelligence too would have been able to eavesdrop on the local population. If they take their work seriously, that is. It is indeed a shame. We don’t need sophisticated stuff like submarines and whatnot to defend our sovereignty against barefoot traffickers from impoverished lands.

No wonder our Air Force jets did not scramble when MH 370 re-entered our air space without permission. But jets we must have.

Yet one minister fails to see the implications of all these, and he spoke through his ass. Makes one wonder when will all these deadwood fade away. No Mr PM, they won’t resign, because they are on your side in the 1MDB saga. As if 1MDB is the only governance issue troubling the PM. Can we have a cabinet reshuffle, please, sir!

Otherwise you will forever be plagued with second-class problems handled by third-class minds. Reminds me of the Malay saying, ‘Sokong membawa rebah’. Careful, soon he will ask for a monument to 1MDB without even knowing that that will embarrass you.

Prayers to the Rohingyas. No baby ever asked to be born as one. Aren’t we lucky that ‘stateless people’ is not part of our history.