“Do you believe RPK?”


Rocky’s Bru

Pak Tam left a single liner in my comment box yesterday:

Can you believe RPK?

I responded with a one-liner too:

Do you believe the Sarawak Report?

I owe Pak Tam a little more than that one liner. I don’t know who Pak Tam really is (it’s a pseudonym, with means he’s an Anonymous like 90 per cent of commenters in blogosphere still are, for reasons best known to them) but RPK we have known for many years, through his ups and downs, our highs and lows: as a Free Anwar Campaign champion, as the ISA detainee, as a Dr Mahathir chronicler during the vs Pak Lah era, as someone close to Ku Li, as a friend, as an Anwar champion once again just months before the 2008 general election, as a human rights movement leader-in-exile with my ex-lawyers Haris Ibrahim and Maliq Imtiaz, and as a Malaysian-in-UK who seems to be sympathetic towards PM Najib Razak now.