As what Ku Li said


Salleh Said Keruak

YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a.k.a. Ku Li said something in Parliament today that makes a lot of sense.

First he said he does not want to comment on 1MDB at this point of time because all the facts are not in yet.

Secondly he said that the Cabinet has to take collective responsibility for 1MDB whether they did or did not know what was going on.

The trouble is most people are reacting based on news that has been received in dribs and drabs, as what Ku Li said, and the picture is not complete yet and will not be complete until PAC completes its investigation and comes out with its report.

When it comes to anything involving the opposition leaders we insist on the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty and the doctrine of the burden of proof has to be on the accuser and not on the accused.

In 1MDB’s case we have turned it the other way around. 1MDB is guilty until and unless it can prove its innocence and the burden is on 1MDB to prove its innocence.

In this frenzy to hang first and try later we seem to have taken leave of our senses.

As Ku Li pointed out, Malaysia is not a one-man show and the Cabinet deliberates and decides on most matters, especially in matters of policy. And 1MDB was discussed at the Cabinet.

To say that the Cabinet was in the dark regarding 1MDB is not true. But this is the impression being created. And to say that the Cabinet was powerless and could not do anything about 1MDB is also not true.