Parliamentary Reforms in Malaysia

JCI Forum - MalaysianParliament

The video for the event can be viewed here:

The Jeffrey Cheah Institute recently held a public forum to discuss the issue of parliamentary reforms in Malaysia. In recent times, the Malaysian parliament came under heavy criticism from the civil society for its inability to act as a check-and-balance against the executive. In fact, the popular view is that parliament is merely there to legitimate the actions of the government. Thus Malaysian MPs are not really given support in terms of research, there is a lack of proper select committee system, Bills are often given out at the last minute and there is not time for a proper debate and MPs who shout the loudest are often the ones who are heard.

The speakers who spoke at the forum are:

1) Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, former minister, senator and MP

2) YB Liew Chin Tong, MP

3) Ivanpal Grewel, political secretary in the PM’s department


The video for the event can be viewed here: