Kadir ticks off PM’s aide for sidestepping questions


(FMT) – The veteran journalist complains that Rizal Mansor, instead of addressing his queries, has belittled him.


Veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin has criticised the Prime Minister’s Department for not answering the questions he posed in a blog article last Sunday but instead questioning the integrity of the sources of his information.

The questions have to do with the costs incurred in the celebration of the Prime Minister’s daughter’s wedding. Among other things, Kadir said: “We have to ask whether it’s proper for a prime minister to accept the sponsorship of an outside party for a lavish reception where the guests are invited by him. Won’t it cause indebtedness and expose him to blackmail?”

In his newest article, Kadir notes that prime ministerial aide Rizal Mansor has responded to the Sunday article by accusing him of relying on “street talk” and questioning his knowledge of Malay customs.

He points out that Rizal’s response, which he made in a statement posted on the Internet, neither answered the questions nor confirmed the accuracy or inaccuracy of his article despite his request, at the top of the article, for such confirmation.

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