The Pakatan Rakyat puppet show is interesting to watch

Pakatan Breakup

Jason Chin, Malay Mail Online

The relationship that PAS shares with PKR is something more complicated then even figuring out how the Pyramid of Sphinx was built to perfection in ancient times. Issues between those two put to shame any marital complexities. However, one thing is crystal clear. They don’t see eye to eye during most times but become best of friends during elections.

We witnessed the turmoil between PAS and PKR when the seat for Selangor MB was cruelly taken away from Khalid. Now, we are starting to see a new serial for the Permatang Pauh by-election. PKR initially openly criticised PAS for the hudud enactment. PAS responded by saying it is unbecoming for a Muslim to condemn the implementation of hudud simply because it is an Islamic law. However, PKR stood their ground and voiced dissatisfaction on PAS’s pursuit for hudud.

Pematang Pauh PAS division has come out and said they do not condone Wan Azizah’s candidacy in the by-election. Some went as far as calling a boycott to her candidature. Days prior to nomination, Permatang Pauh PAS division chairman demanded an apology from Wan Azizah and retraction of her statement on the hudud issue.

Mat Sabu has now jumped into the series and claims that in a closed-door meeting between Wan Azizah and PAS, she has apologised to PAS regarding her stance. This is similar like how PAS will not table hudud during the general election campaign and once elections are over, it’s hudud in Kelantan.

Presently, the PAS Permatang Pauh division’s information chief has stated he expects that only about 40 per cent of PAS voters will support Wan Azizah this time around. He added that there would be less sympathy votes for Wan Azizah this by-election.

Did he say ‘sympathy votes’? Is he insinuating that Wan Azizah being on the forefront for PKR is based on sympathy? Maybe this is what Rafizi meant when he said Azizah is the best candidate for Permatang Pauh. Maybe PKR should add a pacifier in her mouth for the election posters. I bet that would garner loads of support.

How does DAP fit into the Permatang Pauh frame now that DAP has severed ties with PAS? For the sake of its PKR ally, Penang DAP youth wing has announced that they are “unfreezing” its ties with Penang PAS youth wing for the by-election. He added that this move was necessary to support the PR campaign but did not mean both sides would renew their cooperation later.

How does all this make any sense? Remember how we used to play the freeze and unfreeze game in primary school?

Funny bunch of people. The way Pakatan is moving, their script is looking like a ‘Wayang Kulit’ show with Wan Azizah the puppet.

What most of us would like to know is who “Who is pulling the puppet’s strings?”