PM’s meet with 60 Umno chiefs is a “scandalous” rumour


The possibility of instituting legal action has not been ruled out on allegations that they would be paid RM500,000 each.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A pro-Umno blog, quoting sources in the Prime Minister’s Office, said it was not true that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will be having a meeting with 60 Umno divisional chiefs, all of which are not lawmakers, soon.

Also, stressed the sources, there are no plans to give each of them RM500,000. “This is false and scandalous.”

“It was meant to sabotage the Rompin by-election on Tuesday.”

The possibility of instituting legal action has not been ruled out, according to the sources.

The sources were squashing a blog posting by former New Straits Times Chief Group Editor Kadir Jasin.

Quoting unnamed Umno sources, Kadir said in his latest posting that the meeting with 60 division heads was to pay them RM500,000 each from a “special allocation”.

“If this is true,” he says, “we have to determine whether the allocation is from the government, the party or some other sources.”

Kadir regards his informants as credible because they were the ones who told him two weeks ago that they had examined 1MDB’s accounts and were making moves to prevent the scandal surrounding the company from threatening the national economy and Umno’s credibility.