Why there should be no putsch against Najib


Ice Cream Seller

Seemingly the PM is getting buffeted from all sides in his quest to remain as PM. From Dr M down to the man in the street, the cry seems to be CHANGE. But for those who want REAL change, the irony would be that he SHOULD remain.

This may seem strange to some but suffice to say:

1) Some of the loudest and most potent voices that want him out actually do so not because it is good for the country – rather because it suits UMNO and their own objectives

2) With UMNO still in the saddle, UMNO get to prolong their tenuous hold at pillaging the country

3) The wannabes who hold onto their various positions whether in government or in business will see the end of daylight otherwise

4) He was not elected by the people – it was the system that had him elected.

5) If not for gerrymandering, subterfuge and an inherited culture of patronage – perhaps unwittingly – we would be having a different incumbent

6) If he were to be shown the exit, let it be at the polls. Then it will see the euthanising of UMNO Baru or at least a process is created to reinvent itself – UMNO CELUP or something akin

7) It will hopefully see the end of the era of people unfit to hold their current posts – as the pressure on them otherwise would be like stemming a tsunami. These should include those who have sullied the high offices of the Police, the Judiciary and the religious institutions – set up by the government to start with.

8) A polls exit means a chance – just a chance (albeit remote)– that the process can start to get some proper leaders in place, our education standards back to where they were, our civil service cut down to size, some respect for rule of law, the long and tedious process of hauling up all those who abused their time in office ( and making them accountable) over the last few decades. In other words, a real cleansing.

Lest we forget, no Chinese, Indian, or other significant minorities elected him. Nay, it was not even the Malays themselves. It was done by a clutch of Malays (and Constitutional Malays) only. I do not pretend to know the numbers but should the country’s leadership be determined by just these few score of divisional heads from one party? Perhaps I could accept them if they were learned, mature, ethical and righteous men or women. Alas, how many could even tick one box?