“Never Take Away Our Honour & Dignity”

P Waytha Moorthy

What is the one thing that Waytha has been successful in doing? Definitely not a leader .… Certainly not a dignified Senator or Deputy Minister. Then what is it?

Raghavan Nair

“He can cheat us but he can never take away our honour and dignity”, de-facto Hindraf leader, P. Waytha Moorthy on Najib Tun Razak.
Greatest success of Waytha Moorthy

What is the one thing that Waytha has been successful in doing? Definitely not a leader .… Certainly not a dignified Senator or Deputy Minister. Then what is it?

Waytha Moorthy is a champion for being able to make-believe that the Tamilians are an inferior race. He is able to show that Indians have always been marginalized and stepped on. This greatness in him does not only speak about the Tamilians in Malaysia. It’s about Tamilians everywhere; Sri Lanka, India, UK , etc. He has been so successful in creating this fallacy that most Indians in the country have started likening their fate to that of the Africans during apartheid regime.

Me, myself and I …

It is pretty obvious now that Waytha is only about himself. Waytha spearheaded donations from the public that was meant for families of the Hindraf 5 who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in 2007. Apparently millions of ringgit was collected. Unfortunately, money collected for the Hindraf 5 activists in detention never reached them or their family members. One of the detainees, V. Ganabatirau has made a public revelation about this and accused Waytha of misusing the money for personal gains during his self-imposed exile in London.

The government is our enemy, to government is our friend, to government is our enemy

As tongue-twisted and confusing as the sentence above sound, it is still less complicated than the intentions of Waytha Moorthy. He initially romped around with claims the government has suppressed the Indians in Malaysia; even went to the streets for the same. However, just before the last general elections, Waytha championed a MoU between Hindraf and the government. Reasons cited by Waytha are:

* PKR has “played-out” Hindraf by only making promises to uplift the Indian community but never fulfilling them

* PKR took Hindraf for a ride and out rightly rejected Hindraf’s demand

* PKR does not intend to do anything for the Indian community

He goes on further by saying during a succession of meetings with both the opposition and government, he realized that Najib has been more inclined and receptive towards improving the socio-economic status of the Indians; hence Hindraf decides to join forces with the government. “Even before the MoU, the government has implemented initiatives and channeled hundreds of millions of Ringgit specifically to the Indian community,” quoted Waytha.

Waytha Moorthy was then made a Senator and a Deputy Minister in the Prime Ministers Office. Barely a year later, Waytha Moorthy resigns from his designations in the government claiming he was ‘cheated’ and the government is not interested in helping the Indian community. Again and again he plays theI’m a little Indian boy. Please don’t step on me. Please have pity and sympathise with me”.

Before you signed the MoU Mr. Waytha, didn’t you think about the blood and sweat the Indians sacrificed for you during your street rally in 2007? You sold the Indians by putting a signature on that piece of paper. The irony is, you, Mr. Waytha is talking about ‘our honour and dignity’? You have lost all your dignity in your failed attempts in increasing your bank balance. You are even a disgrace to your family, Waytha. You did nothing for your brother who was rotting in jail!! You also lied about the money collected in 2009 for the kidney transplant of Mr. Jayathas, the then Hindraf coordinator, Keadilan Melaka state deputy chairman &Keadilan national youth exco.

It’s all about the money, money, money…

While holding the posts in the government, presented to him on a silver platter, all Waytha did was holiday in London every other weekend. He stopped fighting for the so-called ‘plights’ of the poor Indians. In fact, the real reason he quit the government is because PM refused to approve billions of ringgit Waytha requested for himself. Waytha tried to make a deal with Najib. He promised Najib votes in the elections for BN from Hindraf supporters and in return for some mega bucks. He offered the same to Anwar. Both leaders rejected his audacious claim that Indians will sell their dignity for money. The Indians are merely pawns in his pursuit of glory and glam.

First, let’s sue the British government for doing what they did to the Indians in Malaysia more than 50 years ago. Now that he has failed, he is going to sue the PM and Government for ‘breach in MoU’, so it seems.

What if that also fails, Waytha? Are you going to sue the Great One above for not giving you a brain as well?