Najib ‘lied’ about crooked bridge project


There was no agreement with Singapore on the causeway and nothing to stop the construction of the crooked bridge project with the island.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has clarified that the building of a “crooked bridge” to link up with half the causeway on the Singapore side was entirely within Malaysia’s rights as an independent nation. “Singapore cannot object to what we do with our half of the causeway.”

“When we wanted to build the rail link right into Singapore, they chased us out from there.”

“If Singapore wants to do as we did, it’s entirely within their prerogatives,” said Mahathir in an interview in Malay with Peraktoday@kl. “We don’t need their permission to build our half of the bridge.”

He disclosed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had claimed, during a one on one meeting between them after dinner one day, that there was an agreement between both countries on the causeway and that meant the crooked bridge could not be built unless both sides agreed.

“I asked him, ‘show me the Agreement’,” said Mahathir, implying that there was no such Agreement, having been Prime Minister for 22 years from 1981 to 2003.

“Are we an independent nation or a colony of Singapore?’, I asked him.”

He was expressing dissatisfaction that many things that he had planned, including the crooked bridge project, were not carried out by his successor Abdullah Badawi and Najib. Besides the crooked bridge project, he mentioned the rail link, all agreed to when he was Prime Minister. “My expectation was that these projects would be continued after I stepped down as Prime Minister. I had expected Najib to continue the crooked bridge project after Badawi left.”