Jho Low is stupid to return

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

That Jho Low was involved in one way or another with 1MDB can easily be proven. There are enough evidence floating around that he was in communication with the management of 1MDB. Perhaps perfunctory calls asking how old friends were or up to giving instructions of what to do next.

If indeed if he was advising and concocting self-serving deals to be carried out, nobody needed to listen to him. Who was Jho Low? Unless somebody can show that he put a gun to their heads one way or another. They may have only perceived that he did that, but how do you prove that their perceptions were real.

One way would be to prove that Jho Low was using somebody’s ‘gun’. And if they forget whose gun it was, Jho Low may have the gun-owner call with a bit of intimidating vulgarities to remind them who buttered their bread.

So, in the absence of direct liable actions of an outsider, Jho Lho’s defense to clear his name from the innuendos are that the mistakes made, if any, are first, they were 1MDB’s own doing arising from weak management, a sycophantic Board of Directors and benign trustee shareholders. And second, he indeed was using somebody else’s gun to push management into acting the way he wanted them to.

The first defence will imply that the Chairman of the Board didn’t know what he was doing. It follows that the trustee shareholder, who is the Minister of Finance, was not doing its job as a trusted custodian of the Rakyat’s money adequately. So if there was actual lost mounting to billions of Ringgit incurred by these irresponsibility, both men have to go.

The second defence will imply that Jho Low, for whatever reason, had the ‘gun’ belonging to whoever it is that the Board or the management believe have a hold over them, to compel them to act in certain ways that may benefit the gun-owner. Jho Low may even say that he too was compelled to do it for whatever reason.

We cannot figure out who that person who owns the ‘gun’ is if he is not connected to the Minister of Finance in one way or another. In this connection, the Minister of Finance has to take responsibility and resign. We are not alleging anything, just hypothesising. Otherwise, how can Jho Low be so influentially involved?

It goes without saying, if either one defence Jho Low may choose, as his defence, the Minister of Finance must take responsibility and resign. The Rakyat will demand that. If they are ignored, PRU14’s outcome is a foregone conclusion.

So with only these to offer, why would Jho Low want to return and defend himself or be allowed to return to Malaysia to clear the air to save his ass or just to look good? What luxury. He can’t be that stupid.

If there was an unreasonable loss for 1MDB and perhaps an unreasonable gain to someone else, and IT CAN BE PROVEN if true, the Minister of Finance must go or else his party has to go. THE RAKYAT WILL NEVER LET IT BE FORGOTTEN.

Of course, the proving of whether in fact there were these losses, can be dragged on for months or even years. Is there something called settlement out-of-court to save the Rakyat of the agony and to cut further losses? We need a closure.

One thing for sure, by the way 1MDB operates presently, it is in the worst of health. Cash-flow problems can be caused by either money that was expected did not come in, or money in the bank unscrupously spent, or both.

It may be saved, but the Sungei Besi lands  are gone! And that is the best scenario, imagine! Somebody will pay. So don’t hold your breath for Jho Low to return.