When politicians’ watches cost much more than our average salaries


It is shocking to see that on more than one occasion, the said watches cost six figures. 

V Shuman, The Ant Daily

“We must powder our wigs, that is why so many poor people have no bread.” So said Genevan philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, once.

No, this story is not about European rulers in the 18th century, but about Malaysian politicians today.

After all, there is no shortage of them flaunting their unjustifiable wealth while the rakyat are made to tighten their belts until their bellies touch the spine.

Recently, anti-crime watchdog MyWatch chairman Sri Sanjeevan revealed the luxurious watch collection of several politicians, mainly those from Umno.

In a series of photographs posted in his Facebook page, Sanjeevan had attached snapshots of the said politicians donning their watches at events, as well as the approximate price tag attached to the time pieces, as found on the Internet.

It is shocking to see that on more than one occasion, the said watches cost six figures.

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