Zaid: Umno on last lap, leaders are insane


Zaid Ibrahim holds nothing back in criticising Umno leaders in the wake of the arrest of five media people over an article on hudud.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has lashed out at prime minister Najib Razak and his men, saying that all Umno leaders have lost their marbles.

In an early morning tweet he said: “Umno is definitely on the last lap. Their leaders have gone insane,”. This tweet came in the wake of the arrests of five media people from The Malaysian Insider (TMI) and The Edge over an article on hudud that involved the Conference of Rulers.

Questioning the basis for the arrests, he tweeted: “I said last week the Rulers were not excited about Hudud before MI. I was just giving my opinion. So I was also crying wolf?”

In the March 25 article that led to their arrests, TMI said the Conference of Rulers had rejected a proposal to amend a federal law that would pave the way for the enforcement of hudud in Kelantan.

“Now I have revised my opinion. I think the Rulers are all for Hudud. They cant wait any longer. Is this also like yelling Fire Fire?” he tweeted in reaction to a remark he said one “clever” Barisan Nasional minister made that TMI’s article on the Rulers not agreeing to hudud was akin to “yelling Fire! Fire! in a packed cinema hall”.

He also said: “Najib is unfathomable. Even strongman Suharto had more respect towards the press.

“Najib is indescribable, impossible, and terrible”

Zaid also saved some of his venom for the PAS-lead state government of Kelantan over an sms survey they recently conducted among Muslims regarding their degree of acceptance for hudud law.