The political calculation of DAP


(Sin Chew Daily) – The DAP central executive committee decided on Tuesday to “end ties and cease to work” with Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, and discuss the future of Pakatan Rakyat with the PKR. Such a decision has fully exposed DAP’s intention of buying space with time, to keep supporters’ confidence in the DAP without affecting the power of the coalition, while trying to ease the impacts brought by attacks from the MCA and Gerakan by adopting the usual covering up means.

However, the formation and existence of Pakatan Rakyat is based on parties and drawing a clear line with only a leader, namely to stay in Pakatan Rakyat but end ties with Hadi, is indeed an absurd decision. The implementation of hudud law is a common goal of Pas, instead of a personal decision of Hadi. It seems clever to blame only the party’s president but it has actually exposed that the motive of such a move of some DAP leaders is to serve political purposes rather than to make clear the party’s stand.

It is obviously a bad idea resorted under criticisms and condemnations from the Chinese community and attacks from opponent parties. As a component party of Pakatan Rakyat, the DAP now jointly rules Penang and Selangor, causing it unable to simply walk out just like in the Alternative Front era when facing conflicts with the PKR and Pas.

Of course, it is easy to understand the DAP is hoping that the professional faction of PAS can take over the overall situation after the Pas party election in June. They therefore decided to end ties with Hadi first, to fight for a greater space and prevent Pakatan Rakyat from collapsing. However, the move will only irritate Pas and now, many Pas leaders and members have expressed full support for Hadi.

The DAP’s calculation this time might not be able to solve the problems but it could instead help consolidate the force of Hadi in Pas.

The DAP intents to force Pas to withdraw from Pakatan Rakyat so that it can explain to its party members and supports. However, Hadi is not so easy to deal with and of course, he will not take the initiative to withdraw from the coalition. If Hadi withdraws from Pakatan Rakyat under the incitement of DAP, how is he going to explain to his party members then? The implementation of hudud law is a common decision of Pas delegates and Hadi cannot act against the wishes of party delegates. Hadi and a number of Pas leaders have made it clear that if DAP cannot accept hudud law, it should then choose to withdraw from Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat without the DAP, after all, will not be a great loss for Pas.

DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang ‘s proposal of a new coalition government to “Save Malaysia” can be regarded as part of the party’s calculation package. Lim wishes to release the party from the dilemma by using the silence of Umno. However, other BN component parties have made clear their stand of not supporting hudud law and at the same time, since they understand the current political situation, of course they will not choose to cooperate with the DAP.

The political game triggered by hudud law has made political parties from both the ruling and alternative camps calculate for their own interests and fight for a space that can help in consolidating their forces. In this political game affecting the country’s future, a wrong move could lead to a bad fall. It is afraid that DAP leaders might not have expected when decided to cooperate with Pas that the DAP will be put into today’s passive situation.