Letter from Koon Yew Yin


Dear Raja Petra,

Thank you for your prompt posting of my response to your commentary on my post, “Pas moderates: break away now, not later.”

I do not wish to belabour the points I have made. However, I feel it is necessary for me to provide a further clarification in view of your elaboration on the subject of my post.

1. I have not read the Qur’an and my knowledge of it stems from the writings and works of Islamic scholars and Muslim writers.

2. As with most Malaysians, I have followed the hudud issue with much interest. I am sure you will agree that its possible implementation in Malaysia merits discussion by all Malaysians, not only Muslims.

3. My knowledge of hudud has been constrained by my inability to read it from its original sources. Hence my dependence on writers such as you and others. Thus, for example I have read with interest your earlier posts on hudud including this particular one on May 4, 2014


That post was accompanied by the following standfirst

Most Muslims believe that Hudud, in particular the law on stoning adulteress women to death, was a law that was introduced by Prophet Muhammad. Actually it was not. This law was introduced by Umar ibn Al-Khattāb, the Second Caliph who took over after the death of Abu Bakar As-Ṣiddīq.

You had also posed the important question.

So, if it was not God through Prophet Muhammad who introduced the law of stoning to death for adulteresses and if this law is one of the laws of Hudud, did Hudud come from God through Prophet Muhammad or was Hudud a later invention of male Muslims who wanted to dominate female Muslims?

4. My intention in writing the original piece is for the good of the country. It is not to make PAS members or any other Muslim less religious.

5. While I will not engage in further dialogue with you on this subject, I look forward to continuing to read your thought provoking commentaries on Malaysia, including on hudud.

Finally, it is my hope that you can arrange for the translation of this note into Malay and to have it and the English version posted in your website.

With best wishes

Koon Yew Yin