The only way for Hisham to be PM


(FMT) – He has to help oust Najib to ensure BN’s victory in GE14.

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein may have a long time to wait to be Prime Minister although a Merdeka Center poll found him to be the fittest for the post among leaders of his generation.

Political analyst Shahbudin Husin points out, in his latest blog entry, that the poll also found that the majority of respondents want Hishammuddin to lead Barisan Nasional only after the retirement of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin.

Hishammuddin’s chances for the prime ministership would also depend on whether BN will continue to be in power, Shahbudin says. And that, he adds, does not look likely at the moment, especially with Najib leading the coalition.

“Plagued as he is by so many issues,” Shahbudin writes, “Najib is seen to be severely incapable of leading BN to victory in the next general election.

“The 1MDB issue, which is increasingly being seen as the biggest scandal of his era, is making him lose more and more of the public’s support every day.

“Add to this the GST, which will be introduced next month and which will take away even more of his support, especially from the young, and BN’s hopes under Najib will be dim indeed.”

For BN to win the next election, he says, it will have to be led by Muhyiddin because there are not many issues associated with him that will give trouble to the coalition.

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