Et tu Brutus!

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

The conspicuous absence of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the Division Heads meeting with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak spoke louder than words. No matter what spin or counter-spin were forwarded by anybody, Muhyiddin included, or Najib’s needy running dogs.

For such an important meeting which almost a month’s notice was given, quite a handful of Division Heads could not change their so-called prior commitments to entertain Naljib? Muhyiddin had to launch a free textbook program?

The truth is, I am very sure, nobody with sufficient stature and convictions would want to spend Sunday afternoon listening the same rehashed BS, to put it politely. You really expect to hear sinus-clearing hard truths that everything is all right? A sampling would be:

1.  The Petro Saudi loan was given because blah, blah………(I knew about it and it is a good move)

2.  The loan was paid back with profits in cash and it was paid into 1MDB account at……….

3.  It was used to……………..

Is it so difficult to pick up the phone and ask the CEO? Give these poor Division Heads something to talk about when asked by their constituents upon their return? Unless you don’t think they can comprehend such super complicated matters. Which is not really surprising.

Instead, you turned around to the point that the whole thing would be a pep rally by instead listening to Division Heads’ affirmation of their loyalty to you, after you probably said or imply the following:

1.   Lies have been spread to destroy the credibility of our government.

2.   With that, these people hope that our unity will be destroyed. And with this split adding up to an already split race, our Ketuanan Melayu will be doomed and we shall be slaves forever in our own country.

3.   There are those among us who chose to use these lies too to further their own political interests.  Beware, what can they offer you but crumbs and hot air? I am the reigning President and PM.

Then when they were already heated up, asked them the sixty-four thousand dollar question that will receive a resounding yes and which could be used to headline the news of the morning.

“I have asked the Auditior-General and the Public Accounts Committee to verify the truth.  We are not afraid. Don’t you all think that is an appropriate move?

YES, YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Followed by hysterical applause.

Next day’s headlines by the crony press and electronic media:

“Division Heads solidly behind Najib” “Division heads gave Najib approval and support”

I would give Najib approval too (without the hysteria) if the whole thing about 1MDB goes to third party scrutiny. But I still have not given my approval of him as head of my government. Big difference. Don’t take advantage of my sincerity, spin or no spin.

Najib left early with some lame excuse that challenged Muhyiddin’s excuse in grade of importance. So the meeting did not go on to overdrive. The Division Heads probably left the meeting still clueless about what is going on but assured that their names are on the roll of who attended. That matters, more than anything in UMNO politics. And yet some dared not to come! And you, Brutus?

The fact of the matter is, referring 1MDB to the PAC will win Najib some time. But the fact remains that damage has been done by his procrastination. The longer it takes for this mess to come to a conclusion, the longer Najib remains a lame-duck PM. And this is Round 1 only, already quite a few Division Heads are already not afraid of showing their true colours

Only when the balance is going be tipped by whatever reason, will we see the remaining Divisional Heads scampering to cross over. There’s nothing more potent to wake you up than the probability that your ass is going to be burnt. Ask Zin Badak.

That’s called “My interest above all.”