Najib will fall because of 1MDB

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

I am not saying this because I am so sure that there is something rotten in our nation’s second “sovereign-fund” management. How could I know? I am only an ordinary citizen.

But it is precisely because I am that ordinary citizen who needs intelligent answers that the Prime Minster may succumb at the polls or UMNO’s Supreme Council. I find all these allegations against 1MDB with their so-called fabricated evidence quite disturbing. So they are politically motivated. I understand.

Why can’t you be politically motivated enough to clear the air? After all I am one of the millions like-minded voters who will decide if your wife gets to view the sunrise in a government jet in 2018.

Just give a simple intelligent response. Like “All 12 cookies are in the cookie jar.” Real cookies, not paper certification of edible morsels from some uncertified baker I have never heard of. Because we can’t eat paper and no bakery will buy it.

Maybe I am too small to be bothered with. But there are millions of us. And if you don’t want our pudgy fingers to touch while counting the cookies, maybe you can appoint a neutral professional group to count the cookies for us.

Don’t talk to me about the public auditors. If they are fail-safe there would not be the corporate scandals we hear of. After all they have to eke a living too, like the rest of us. And we cannot depend on the words of your management who talk down to us like we are some hillbillies. And your million-Ringgit PR man is busy partying.

Jho Loh was not involved in any way with 1MDB? It’s billion USD loans have nothing to do with us? Sue me, sir, but I will wager you my last ringgit that Jho Loh was! And at the end of the fiasco the country will have to pay up either through a bail-out or cheap giveaways of the country’s assets. Too bad I am too small a citizen to sue, but I can use my one vote come 2017.

If you ignore us sir, you will be out before you can say “thousand-Ringgit hair-do”. I love our PM too and wear that gaudy T-shirt. But the PM may not be you.

Shoot, if I had attended the Perhimpunan Perpaduan Melayu the other day, I wouldn’t  be writing like this! Now my four other brothers will disown me.