Malay unity for prosperity, my foot!

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

The organisers of the “Malam Perpaduan Melayu” tried to downplay the obvious intent of the gathering by saying that it has nothing to do with politics but only a call for the need for unity of the Malays for their economic prosperity.

So the Malays must have been disunited since Merdeka then to result in the Malays being always poorer than Chinese Malaysians. Is disunity the blame for Malay economic backwardness? Unity now will save whose skin?

Let’s not exaggerate! The Malays have been fairly united. It’s not as if we are fighting each other like the Shias against the Sunnis. The most disunited we had been in the past was during the two-imam period. At that time, the government was still headed by Umno. And we were still getting by. Political differences were naturally present; we were in a democracy.

Or do they mean that if Malays do not have political differences among themselves, they  will prosper? Bah humbug!

The only times Malays are asked to pledge loyalty to their race is when they are threatened as a community. Any race for that matter will respond accordingly. So the gathering was to remind Malays of the various threats to their race and religion. MAYBE there are. MAYBE there aren’t. Why worry about the not so obvious, when the obvious are ignored.

Nobody is threatening the race, only threatening to the Prime Minister and his bunch of profiteers.

Let’s face it, simply and honestly. Let’s hug the elephant in the room. The backwardness of the Malays commercially is caused by severe leakages of the social engineering effort called the New Economic Policy. Corruption is rampant by the Malay power elites and enforcement agencies. It is so blatant, it is now an accepted culture among them.

So Malays should unite. Unite against corruption, against hypocrisy, against the exploitation of religion for political righteousness, and maybe against those who wish us harm, if any. All we know is that if we manage to overcome the first three, the fourth won’t really matter. After all, Malays are the majority race. Others will follow our lead, if we truly have pride and belief in ourselves.

So to all who spoke fierily at the gathering, chase your own windmills, Don Qioxite and your Knights of La Mancha.