Of 1MDB, FGV, PKFZ, NFC and Najib

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

The common thread that runs through all of the above controversies is the lack of responsive leadership by the Prime Minister. These are not irate public criticisms about Datin Seri Rosmah’s gallivanting with the government’s private jet, that Najib can turn a deaf ear to. These are issues of governance that will definitely negatively impact the Rakyat’s pocketbooks.

Why doesn’t he respond in ways that can make us feel somebody is at the helm of the nation? He is almost like he is too shy to respond. May I ask why? Not that our reaction will cost him the premiership, at least not immediately. That he has to go sooner rather than later will be a reality if he keeps this up.

What is he afraid of?

That the truth from him about 1MDB will irritate a certain someone for disturbing the partying and property and whatever broker?

A hard stand on PKFZ will upset the connivance between MCA and UMNO? After all it is a proven faux pas. Promise us it will not happen again.

His lack of supervision of FGV which resulted in millions of Ringgit lost by Felda settlers duped into owning FGV shares when the company is subject to crony-management and wise and smart stock market investors. It might upset someone with secrets of his sojourn in ‘Port Dickson’?

His silence over NFC can save him the support of Wanita. And cover up his modus operandi of buying the support of UMNO’s warlords? With no power to appoint or award there is a limit to what his detractors can do. Ask Dr Mahathir.

So meanwhile while Najib hides his head in the sand, his loyal cronies defend him not by counter-arguments on the issues raised intelligently, but by invoking unfounded fears among Muslims and Malays.

This is a sure way of flustering a people whose political-socialisation centred around paranoia and inferiority complex. Thank God they are not that stupid, soon they will see the light of day. But by then everything is gone and the sad thing is the wrongdoers are safe because a deal has been brokered so as to avoid intra-Malay conflicts where others will take advantage of. Paranoia again.

The thinking Malay has won. But in a lose-lose situation. Hurrah! Ayam menang, kampung dah gadai. For the sake of Malay unity.