The conspiracy against Anwar

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We need a new leader for PKR. Fight for us, the rakyat, not just for one man!

Sarvin Chandran

I am not a legal expert. I am a simple man on the street but just like everyone else, I too have something to say with regards to Anwar Ibrahim’s case and the direction of where PKR is headed to.

It is time that PKR leaders, members and us supporters wake up from our dream. The party is headless, directionless and confusing. The communications strategy has been poor, stale and people are not buying it.

We are recycling the conspiracy theories that UMNO and Najib plotted against Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat.

There’s even a duty roster to hold candles in front of Sg Buloh prison! And we are making this the core agenda of PKR!

Seriously, is this the best that Nurul Izzah, Rafizi and Nik Nazmi can do?

Sure, Saiful was pictured with Khairil Annas, Najib’s officer when he was Deputy Prime Minister. But that doesn’t mean anything.

If there was a conspiracy, why write it with the Deputy PM and not the then PM? If there was a conspiracy, do you think that the conspirators will happily take a photo and upload it on Instagram or Facebook for all to see, hammer and shout at?

There are photos of Anwar having tea with Najib, does that mean something?

The brother of our party’s strongman and former Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution is Shahlan Ismail. He was Najib’s political secretary a few years ago and now he is the Strategic Director. Does that mean anything?

There have been several friendly Tweets exchanged between BN’s Khairy Jamaluddin and our Deputy President Azmin Ali. Does that mean anything?

Recently, there are articles about a meeting between senior PAS leaders, PKR leaders with UMNO’s Zahid Hamidi. Does that mean anything? This is even more dangerous. A meeting between ‘sworn enemies’ with no pictures and without public knowledge has a higher degree of conspiracy than Saiful’s publicly flashed pictures, guys.

People know. People understand. If UMNO wants to conspire or plot against Anwar Ibrahim or Pakatan Rakyat, there are so many other ways instead of a Sodomy 2 “script”.

If it was a conspiracy, how did the conspirators obtain the semen samples? We are talking about semen and not saliva that you can take from cups that you drank water from, not skin or hair from towels which you just used to wipe dry.

If it was a conspiracy, how did the script stay intact? We are talking about the AG’s Chambers, the Police, the Chemistry Department, the judiciary and a lot more people. We are talking about thousands who were involved in this case whether directly or indirectly from constables to the IGP, from secretaries and law clerks to Public Prosecutors and lawyers, from lab assistants to the Chief Chemist, from nurses to medical doctors and hospital Directors.

The people are just not buying it.

The crowd in Sg Buloh went from about 300 in the first day to less than 100 including journalists now. And has anyone seen Politweet’s analysis? Only 37% do not support or do not accept the verdict.

Wake up my friends. Where are you, my Deputy President? Please don’t stay silent anymore. We need a new leader for PKR. Fight for us, the rakyat, not just for one man! Bring the ‘rakyat’ agenda back in PKR and Pakatan Rakyat!