PKR Youth accuses Hadi of betrayal


(Malay Mail Online) – A Penang PKR Youth leader challenged PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today to move in with political foe Umno instead of skirting the issue and keeping its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) allies in the dark.

The wing’s deputy chief Khairil Anuar Kamarudin urged Hadi not to waste his partners’ time and to make the decision immediately.

“If he wants to try his luck by forming the PAS-Umno unity government, then he should do it immediately so that PR can move on,” he said in a news conference at Komtar here.

Khairil then reminded Hadi Awang of the failed unity government between 1973 and 1977.

He also pointed out that PAS has failed to defend its position in Terengganu between 1999 and 2004, when Hadi Awang was the Mentri Besar.

“We must not forget that, while under Hadi Awang’s leadership, the party also failed to defend its position in Kedah in the 2013 general elections,” he said.

He demanded that Hadi Awang issue an official statement on his stand of whether he wants to form a PAS-Umno unity government or to continue fighting for justice with PR against Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said the PAS leader owes it to the people and PR supporters to give a definite answer so that there is no doubt on where PAS’ allegiance lies.

“If PAS wants to continue to be committed with PR, then Hadi Awang must give his full commitment and support to the policies as agreed with PKR and DAP,” he said.

As a Muslim scholar, Hadi should place more value on the fight for justice and against tyranny, Khairil said.

Talk of a PAS-Umno unity government resurfaced last Sunday when former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad told PAS to join BN if the ruling coalition should lose the next general election, in order to protect Malay interests and the position of Islam.

Hadi Awang is yet to issue an official statement on the issue.