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Pakatan Breakup

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Another of Terence Netto’s take on Pakatan, wakakaka, in his Malaysiakini article Pakatan’s Mexican Standoff involving our dearest beloved PAS and DAP.

But before that perhaps it may be worthwhile taking a peep at Islamic PAS and its claim of Islamic values, for after all the Islamic party represents one of the main proponents (or opponents, wakakaka) in Netto’s Mexican standoff.

Well, TMI has just reported PAS goes to war with itself ahead of party polls, a sort of fratricidal jihad or perhaps (a new term) a seppuku-jihad, either of Japanese -style self-disemboweling or of Arab style self-amputation of PAS’ own organs?

TMI tells us: ….. the Islamist party finds itself imploding over infighting between rival factions – those in favour of cooperation with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) against those who are not. […]

The infighting in the country’s largest opposition party has become so vicious that people now wonder if the trust they put in PAS in the 13th general election (GE13) in 2013 was misplaced. […]

It is because the stakes are so high this time that the infighting between factions has sunk to new lows compared with previous elections.

There are now several Facebook accounts set up to smear rivals and name-calling, with the latest ploy being an audio recording purportedly of some leaders conspiring to overthrow PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

The ulama assembly on February 21 reflected how dire things had become, as the gathering of normally reserved and mild-mannered ulama (Muslim scholars) descended into bouts of name-calling.

Hmmm, infighting between factions has sunk to new lows and Facebook accounts set up to smear rivals and name-calling – are these new images of PAS’ Islamic values?

No doubt each faction would be claiming it has divine imprimatur to so act.

And, I wonder whether the divine imprimatur includes the right to bullshit a la Deucalion?

And me being a bloody suspicious person who believes in Cicero’s Cui Bono, I have to admit I’ve been checking on the identities of vendors of yellow plastic tubs in Kelantan, which you may not realize can be utilized as extemporaneous sampans during unexpected divine-incurred floods, wakakaka.

So that’s where our dear Islamic PAS (and its boast of Islamic values) is currently at, where its cybertroopers are smearing rivals’ names and possessing other tactics described as ‘new lows’.

Okay, returning to what I have wanted to blog about, namely Netto’s Mexican standoff, I’m afraid Terence Netto has been wrong in his assessment of the PAS vs DAP stoush.

First of all, let’s examine what’s a Mexican standoff and how it would apply to Pakatan. Originally a Mexican standoff was a combative situation but with three opponents, each trying to kill the other two, but it’s a screwed up situation where whoever shoots first, say No 1 at No 2, will be shot by the 3rd, wakakaka.

So visualize PAS shooting first (and killing) DAP, which will allow PKR to be in position to shoot at (and kill) PAS, wakakaka – PKR’s wet dreams?

Okay, just play that deadly triangular musical chair for a while, and we’ll all arrive at the same conclusion that whoever shoots second will be the sole man standing, so “… after you, Pak Haji. No no after you, Ah Hnia, aiyah Royal MB first lah …” wakakaka, at least it breeds courtesy.

Now, while gnam gnam Pakatan has three component parties which might have rang true for such a standoff, alas, PAS and DAP may be in conflict but PKR has been acting ‘dunno’ (unless it’s about seat allocation wakakaka), thus hardly a Mexican standoff in its original meaning.