Lim Kit Siang in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land


Azmin Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction appears to have had a deleterious effect on his supporters, numbing their brains; rendering them to over react. Lim Kit Siang (LKS) for one.

First, he claimed Malaysia is in the international doghouse. An exaggeration to be sure! International response to Anwar’s conviction has been muted.

Take the United States, for example. While expressing the perfunctory regret, the US spokesperson was quick to assert the importance of US-Malaysian relations. Also made clear was that the US had no intentions “to engage in quid-pro-quo actions” but wants to maintain solid ties with Malaysia. The fact that Malaysia is the current Chair of ASEAN and a member of the United Nations Security Council is an important deciding factor. It is clear to most that the US has skilfully disengaged itself from the whole issue. LKS of course is an exception.

Julie Bishop, the Australian Foreign minister as well as the opposition leader Bill Shorten while expressing grave concern, were quick to emphasise the importance of the strong ties and friendship between the two countries. Not much different from the US stance.

Independent South Australian Senator, who by his own admission is a friend of Anwar, is the only one who is rabble rousing. Calling for the Commonwealth to impose sanctions against Malaysia is idiotic.

Xenophon is not even a national Australian leader and has no affiliation to any major Australian political party. His flagrant rants have been completely ignored, in Australia and abroad; except by the Opposition in Malaysia.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry has said the Anwar Issue would be discussed at bilateral talks between Malaysia and Switzerland. It must be noted that Switzerland is the lead negotiator in European Free Trade talks.

The fact that Switzerland has said that Anwar’s conviction would be raised at the UN human rights council was in reply to the Bruno Manser Foundation, which raised the issue.

It must be noted especially by LKS, the Opposition and Anwar’s supporters, no other nation has supported the Swiss move. That Switzerland has not called off the bilateral talks is significant to note. Anwar’s conviction would most probably be discussed under “Other Matters’’ during the trade talks

Leaders of ASEAN have also not made any statements in support of Anwar Ibrahim. The leaders of the Middle East too have not expressed any support for Anwar.

Human right activists at the trial were invited by Anwar Ibrahim and gang. Some of them are also are funded by Anwar & Co. So naturally “they have to sing loud for their supper”.

World opinion or support for Anwar has been muted. His importance to them is miniscule compared to the advantages of trade and bilateral relations with Malaysia. Moreover, these countries are more concerned with their own problems.

To the general public in America, Europe or Asia Pacific the name Anwar Ibrahim is unknown. Jihadi John might be better known!

It is only the Opposition that is sounding the war drums and trying to make out as if Anwar is an international icon, which he certainly is not.

The world cares not.

Second, LKS has the gall to ask the PMO to show him the draft it had prepared in advance in case of Anwar’s acquittal. To start with LKS has no idea of how the PMO or any of the diplomatic missions function.

It is standard procedure to have prepared statements, like in Anwar’s case. Maybe LKS should listen to his old friend John Mallot, former US Ambassador to Malaysia who has clarified preparing two versions for any forthcoming events of importance is standard procedure.

In this context, LKS should explain did Anwar prepare two versions of his speech from the dock. As Zaid Ibrahim has commented, Anwar’s attack of the judiciary sounded well rehearsed.

Third, LKS is misleading the rakyat by saying that Anwar would be Prime Minister if Pakatan won the next General Elections 2018. Well, Anwar would still be locked up. And he would need a royal pardon. Did not PKR say asking for a royal pardon from the Agung is not an option it wants to consider?

LKS please explain how Anwar would be made Prime Minister. Do not hoodwink the rakyat with lies and half truths.