What utter rubbish!


While you fight your political games at the top, the struggling rakyat feel rather left out of the equation.

Fa Abdul, Free Malaysia Today

I am an ordinary Malaysian. I come from a lower middle class family. Although I take special interest in the political climate of our nation, it is meaningless in my day to day affairs.

I am curious about Altantuya’s murder. I am confused about Anwar Ibrahim’s prosecution. I am worried about PAS-DAP bickering over hudud. I am sad over the demise of Nik Aziz.

However, being curious, confused, worried and sad over the happenings around us doesn’t put food on the table nor does it ease the burden of our daily life.

I apologise if I sound like a simpleton but I AM an ordinary Malaysian and this IS the truth.

My biggest issues are the rising cost of food and services ; the water disruption ; massive traffic on the roads ; our messy education system ; my children’s heavy school bags ; the increase in house rental (don’t get me started on property prices!) ; the increase in break-ins in my neighbourhood.

In every general election, I voted for the candidate and party whom I thought would fight to ease my burden and improve my life. But guess what? Nothing has changed.

It boils my blood to read about my elected representative talk cock about issues which does not contribute to my well-being.

Endless criticism on a closed case. Raising doubts over conspiracy allegations. Non-stop complaints of ignorant, greedy, power mad, corrupt politicians, religious scholars, etc.

What utter rubbish!

Day in, day out, it is always about what’s best for the party. These people seem to have brainwashed many into believing that the only way to improve the fate of our country is by standing by the struggle of the party.

Hello, can’t you see the struggle of the rakyat?

While you continuously bicker about everything and anything, we are the ones who are screwed up left, right, front, back, top and bottom.

During your election campaigns, you spoke highly about people power. You said we could change the fate of our nation. JOM UBAH!

If rakyat is the true power, why aren’t you focusing your attention on us? Why are our needs ignored?

Funnier yet, instead of helping us, you now turn the tables seeking us to help you. Are you on some sort of medication?

While you are focused on Sirul, Najib, Hadi, Anwar, hudud, 1MDB and what not, we are running our lives in auto mode.

While you are flying around in your red undies and cape, trying to become a hero you are obviously not, we are enslaving ourselves.

I don’t know who screwed who in the murder case. I don’t know who screwed who in the sodomy case. But you have been screwing us every single day since we voted for you.

For god’s sake, snap out of it!