Hudud: Amar tells DAP to stop meddling

Amar Abdullah-DAP

Kelantan brushes off Kit Siang’s objections: state assembly sitting to go on

(Free Malaysia Today) – Pakatan Rakyat partner PAS remains unmoved by the DAP’s objections to its plans for implementing the hudud Islamic penal code in Kelantan.

Deputy menteri besar Mohd Amar Abdullah said the PAS-led state government will carry on with its plans, to honour the wishes of the late Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, the party’s spiritual adviser and former chief minister.

Mohd Amar said it would be futile for DAP to keep attempting to prevent Kelantan from going ahead, the Star quoted him as saying. “It’s DAP’s right to object to our plan, but it will not have any bearing on our resolve to implement hudud in Kelantan. This is in accordance with the wish of the late Tok Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and we will soldier on to see the law is implemented here.”

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, continuing his party’s pressure on PAS to abandon its plans, had urged PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to honour his campaign promise before the general election of 2013 that there were many matters that had to be implemented first before hudud, like the minimum wage scheme.

Mohd Amar said the state assembly sitting would sit March 16, even though it would be in the midst of a campaign period for a possible by-election in Chempaka, the seat held by the late Nik Aziz. Nominations for the by-election will be held on March 10.