Pak Lah paid me to slander Rosmah


And trust me, I am not the only Reformasi activist from 1998 who has become disgusted with the DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers, and by extension PKR and DAP. But that does not mean we hate PAS as well. On the contrary, we love PAS even more because of our hatred for PKR and DAP.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Actually that is not true but I know such headings would attract your attention. ‘Man bites dog’ headings attract more attention than ‘Dog bites man’. So I wanted to demonstrate how many of you would click this article because of the heading.

Anyway, if Rosmah Mansor had been the Opposition Leader’s wife instead of the Prime Minister’s wife, and had I whacked her, the Pakatoons would rush in by the hundreds and accuse me of a hidden agenda or of being bought. That is how their minds work.

When I whacked the then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and his son Kamaluddiin, plus his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, plus also his ‘new’ wife Jeanne Danker, who I called ‘The maid from Putrajaya’, not a single person from both sides of the political divide accused me of anything.

In fact, even the Umno people applauded and patted me on the back. One very senior Umno chap, an ex-MCKK chap who bumped into me in a certain hotel restaurant, even hugged me and kissed me and told the headwaiter that whatever I ordered was on his tab.

Yes, Umno people were nice to me because I was whacking their leader and his entire family. Even those who were at that time pro-Pak Lah felt that sometimes Umno and its leaders need to be whacked to wake them up from their slumber lest their complacency result in an election disaster for Umno.

Not a single Umno chap, or even those from the other parties within Barisan Nasional, questioned the reason why I was whacking Umno and its leaders. And for sure no one from Pakatan Rakyat insinuated that the reason I was whacking Umno and its leaders was because Anwar Ibrahim was paying me to do so.

I have already revealed that in all those years I was running the Free Anwar Campaign or FAC, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail gave my RM1,000 and Anwar’s brother, Rosli, gave me RM2,000. That was basically my Hari Raya ang pau during one of those five years that I was running the FAC.

One of Anwar’s lawyers who met Anwar in prison in 2004 told Anwar that it is not fair that they let me run the FAC using my own funds and without any financial help from Anwar or his family. According to the lawyer, Anwar kept quiet and said nothing.

Anwar knows that I did all this work for him even when I was openly critical of him and even when I was not paid to do so. He knows that money was never the issue. But now he gets his people to whack me and spread stories that I am on Umno’s payroll and am doing what I am doing for money.

Anwar screams about justice and about the injustice he is being subjected to. Is he really concerned about justice? If so then why is he not bothered about justice for other people? Why does he tell his people to whack me and spread the story that I am on Umno’s payroll?

Yes, Anwar is an asshole of the first degree and I have every right and reason to hate him for that. He talks about justice for himself but denies justice for others. His family paid me a measly RM3,000 for five years’ work and did not even bother to reimburse me for all the money I spent to set up and manage the FAC.

Anwar told some mutual friends that I never once indicated that I needed to be paid or at the very least to be reimbursed for the money I had spent. So, since I did not ask, then they did not offer.

True, I never asked because I did not expect to be paid. In fact, when I went over to Perth to meet Dr Rahim Ghouse in early 2000, the mastermind of the FAC, he asked me to resign from my RM7,500 a month job with Marina Yusoff and run the FAC full-time. Abrar, said Dr Rahim, would pay me that RM7,500 a month.

Dr Rahim gave me a bit of money to cover my two-week trip to Perth but when I returned to Malaysia I never received a single cent of that RM7,500 a month I was promised. Yet I continued to manage the FAC until the day Anwar was released from prison on 2nd September 2004.

Dr Rahim is lucky I did not submit my bill for five years pay that would have come to RM450,000. And that is just my salary and not yet the expenses I incurred over those five years.

The trouble is the DAP Red Bean Army cyber-troopers are Chinese and being Chinese they only think in terms of money. Everything to the Chinese is about money. Hence they constantly talk about money and accuse you of doing this, that and the other for money. It is the nature of the money-minded Chinese.

I have no time for these foul-mouthed Chinese. Just to teach these Chinese a lesson I would be very happy to see Barisan Nasional and Umno in power forever. The Chinese cannot stand Barisan Nasional and Umno. Hence the best payback to these Chinese is to deny Pakatan Rakyat the government.

No, I do not love Umno and Barisan Nasional. But I hate the black-hearted and dirty-mouthed DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers. And for that reason I would not want to see them rejoice when Umno and Barisan Nasional are kicked out. I would rather suffer under Umno and Barisan Nasional than see these DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers rejoice. And the more you whack me the more opposition supporters like me would oppose you.

And trust me, I am not the only Reformasi activist from 1998 who has become disgusted with the DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers, and by extension PKR and DAP. But that does not mean we hate PAS as well. On the contrary, we love PAS even more because of our hatred for PKR and DAP.