Who after Anwar?


KTemoc Konsiders

The name of the person who is expected most likely to step intoManmanlai’s shoes is anybody’s guess, though the big money is on the Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

He is both accidentally and strategically placed gnam gnambecause (i) of PKR benefiting from the likely deadlock between PAS and DAP, as has been the case in Selangor DUN, and (ii) the Dwarf has long harboured such ambitions while in Anwar’s shadow for the last 15 years or so, and has been working his way slowly up the ladder of his aspirations.
Hmmm, the moment seems to have arrived for the Dwarf because like the Norse mythical being named Billingr he may also become a Giant.
In Norse myth, Billingr is the name of a dwarf (wakakaka) in the Vǫluspá and also that of a giant in the Hávamál, both being sections of the Poetic Edda, the collection of Norse myths.
Indeed, in Selangor, because of PAS and DAP’s mutual distrust(gajah sama gajah berjuang), PKR the minor party, the f*pelanduk doesn’t get trampled to smithereens but instead the lion’s share of the DUN positions which comes along with becoming the ruling coalition.

Apart from PKR re-securing the MB post for Azmin, with the blessing of HRH, it also grabs a disproportionate number of exco positions.

DAP Selangor under Tony Pua was seen pathetically in a beggar’s position of “begging” for an additionally Deputy Speaker post, a shameful attempt at scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
WTF use is that of a Deputy Speaker post, other than a jolly position for a DAP member, when DAP should have demanded at least an exco job to serve the Selangor rakyat.
But DAP was caught nicely in a ‘fix’ as Azmin Ali knows that the DAP won’t support PAS while its Chinese-Indian-ness doesn’t allow HRH to support DAP for the MB or more exco positions.
Incidentally the phrase ‘caught nicely in a fix’ means Azmin got Tony Pua nicely by his Chicken Little balls, and poor Tony couldn’t even squeal nor yelp about the pain. Thus beggar bowl in hand, he begged for an additional Deputy Speaker post as a ‘reward’ for supposedly ‘supporting PKR’ for the MB post in the recent state near-constitutional crisis.
How the f* would that Deputy Speaker post benefit the Selangor rakyat?
Why the f* would Azmin entertain his request when DAP’s support of PKR for the MB post was personal-to-holder specific, namely for Dr Wan Azizah and not Azmin Ali?