Press Statement Yayasan Amal

Kelantan Floods

At the end of December 2014, the Northeast state of Kelantan in Malaysia experienced its worst flood in more than 30 years. The massive flood in Kelantan was mainly due to the continuous heavy rain from 21st to 23rd of December 2014 which was equivalent to more than 60 days of rain fall.

The flood situation was exacerbated further by the phenomenon called New Moon, whereby the sea water level would  increase by 3 to 5.5 meters due to the effects of gravitational forces exerted by the moon and rotation of the earth. This has resulted in a huge flood as the rainwater that flowed into the rivers was partly blocked by the rising sea water.

At the height of the flood, more than 250,000 victims were evacuated from their homes, an unprecedented figure in Malaysia. By the time the flood receded, 1,890 of houses were destroyed completely whereas thousands more were partially damaged.

The fund required to build the completely destroyed houses is estimated at RM52.5 million and another RM100 million is needed to rebuild other infrastructure such as road and schools.

In view of the urgent need to assist the flood victim, Amal Malaysia would welcome contributions from all individuals and organisations to fund the reconstruction of the damaged houses and infrastructures.

Amal Malaysia was directly involved in the humanitarian effort to help tsunami victims in Acheh in the year 2004. We received about 60,000 pounds from Muslim Aid UK and the money had been spent to build temporary hospital and mosques, purchase medicines, provide rehabilitation and agriculture training programs as well as  assist the orphans.

Hussin Ismail