Zaid slams PAS for ditching Anwar


Zaid Ibrahim goes online to show his disappointment in PAS for not bothering to lend moral support to Anwar in his time of need.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim took to Twitter and Facebook today to express his disappointment in PAS, noting that only a few of its members bothered to show up to lend moral support to Anwar Ibrahim as he readied himself for the verdict of the Sodomy II appeal.

In his first tweet on the subject, Zaid said: “I see almost no presence of PAS supporters except Mat Sabu and Dr Zulkifli. Is this what Islamic friendship (is) all about?”

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After the guilty verdict was read and sentencing of five years’ imprisonment announced, Zaid took to Twitter again, saying: “Don’t worry Anwar, your Islamist friends will not help you but others in the country will.”

“Don’t worry Anwar there are secular friends who are more honourable and will help the cause,” Zaid continued, taking a direct jab at PAS for abandoning their political comrade during his time of need.