Ismail Sabri gets more support


(Bernama) – “What Datuk Ismail Sabri has asked for it’s for the good of all Malaysians. He really wants to protect consumers against profiteering.”

The statement by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob on boycotting wholesalers and traders who refuse to lower the price of goods despite the oil price drop continued to receive support from Umno leaders.

Umno Youth’s Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Bureau chairman, Ahmad Mukhriz Ahmad Fuad said the minister’s statement was based on his ministerial experience, including as Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister previously.

On Monday, Ismail Sabri said consumers should be united in putting pressure on traders to reduce the prices of goods following the drop in oil prices.

“By using their power and by being wise as purchasers and consumers, they can teach greedy and selfish traders a lesson,” said Ahmad Mukhriz in a statement, here, yesterday.

He said there was an opportunity for the people to benefit from the lower price of goods following the drop in oil prices, but this did not happen due to the greed of some quarters.

“I challenge wholesalers and traders to reduce the price of goods if they are really honest and sincere as they had before, used the oil price hike factor as the reason for raising the price of goods,” he said.

Umno Youth’s Consumerism, Environment and Quality of Life Bureau chairman, Rahman Ab Hussin said traders should be accountable as raising the price of goods indiscriminately would have a negative impact on both rural and urban people.

“We, as consumers, should ask the traders and their business associations to explain the price hikes and the cost breakdown of their goods.”

Rahman, who is also a member of the Kuala Lumpur Youth Parliament, said enforcement of the related Acts should be intensified to prevent price manipulation by middlemen in the supply chain.

Federal Territory Umno Youth chief, Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafii said the various business associations should also be responsible by urging its members to reduce the price of goods in line with the oil price drop.

“Profiteering by traders and middlemen is not new. So, consumers should exercise their power to boycott goods, of which the prices have been indiscriminately hiked so as to put pressure on the errant traders,” he said.

In KEPALA BATAS, Penang Umno Liaison Committee deputy chairman, Reezal Merican Naina Merican, said from Ismail Sabri’s experience through his previous portfolio, he knew better of price fluctuations through control and manipulation by certain wholesalers, especially the existence of cartels.

“What Datuk Ismail Sabri has asked for it’s for the good of all Malaysians. He really wants to protect consumers against profiteering. Those who should be teaching errant wholesalers and retailers a lesson are definitely the consumers, and a boycott is apt,” he said.

Reezal Merican said he fully supported Ismail Sabri’s action as the latter wanted to protect the interests of consumers who were often burdened with price hikes of goods.