Malaysia’s Fave Punching Bag


KTemoc Konsiders

In a post over at my KTemoc Kongsamkok blog titled My Day of Infamy (1) wakakaka I wrote:

I recall reading an article where Japanese executives, suffering from highly stressed work load, were encouraged to go to a gym regularly, at least once a week if not more often, to de-stress themselves. The recommended technique was to use a wooden sword, the type favoured by kendo enthusiasts, to thrash the hell out of a straw dummy.

Banzai, Bagero and 擬似 (Bastard) – they hammered away at their respective straw man with their kendo cane swords, no doubt imagining or visualizing the targets as their superiors, who had either demanded some impossible sales quota for the US market, or humiliated them to no ends by sending them home early at 5 pm* wakakaka.

* In Japanese business circle, it’s virtually a scandal (and a great shame) for a white collared bloke to return home earlier than 11 pm.

Well, just imagine some of my former girlfriends as those highly stressed Japanese executives with nasty samurai swords and poor shivering kaytee as the straw dummy – gulp!

But alas, some UMNO members including ministers and former/ex ministers would hammer away at their straw men or punching bags, the Chinese, not because they feel stressed BUT because they want to divert attention from their failings, incompetence, naughty stuff or when one faction attempts to gain higher ethnocentric credentials over another faction in a vile demonstration of who would be more of an ultra pahlawan Melayu.

During the last general elections which UMNO won despite their allies’ failures, even unto seizing back Perak and Kedah, they nonetheless decided to thrash the Chinamen for good measure, asking Apa lagi China mahu?, ostensibly because they didn’t win with a 2/3 majority because of the lack of Chinese support.Now, where is it stated that a government elected under a Westminster democracy or any other democracy must achieve a two-thirds majority to be entitled to call itself a stable government?
In fact I was informed that Mahathir had once stated (prior to some kind of election, perhaps the one between him and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for the Umno presidency) that even if he won by one vote, he was still a legitimate winner and would accept the post.
So, hasn’t it been double standards by Mahathir to expect Najib to meet the 2/3 majority requirement, when a political party could form a government with 112 parliamentary seats? Hey, some bloke even wanted to form one with only 82 MPs, wakakaka.Yes, the so-called benchmark of a minimum two-thirds majority (148 seats) has been a myth, nay, a created nonsense to berate Najib but which admittedly would be nice to have in order to make all sorts of constitutional amendments at will, but not something necessary to form a reasonably stable government.
Indeed, given UMNO’s frightened realization of the increasing electoral swing against it in the last few years, explaining why Mahathir and his Perkasa were hysterically pounding some of his own Wawasan 2020 ‘Challenges’ to smithereens, no BN leader, not even Mahathir himself, would have been able to achieve that impossibility of such a win with the preposterous two-thirds majority in the recent general election.